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Hi, I'm Sav!

Changing lives through organization. Empowering busy families, entrepreneurs, + small businesses to optimize their space to live clutter and stress-free.

Specializing in Feng Shui Design, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Financial Literacy, and Decluttering; Savvy Solutions provides clients with the systems they need to get and stay organized. Mess does not have to cause stress.


Professional organizing + coaching to let go of physical and mental clutter. You deserve it.

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the start: 


Prior to founding Savvy Solutions, I spent a decade, day in and day out stressing over the success of my kids, my students. Year after year, I would push myself to ensure that my kids would reach grade-level despite entering my classroom multiple years behind. I would get there before the bell rang and leave well into the night. I thought this was normal. Right, this is the work hustle.

I was working in inner-city Title 1 schools (the lowest economic status) and in hyper-segregated communities of color. Although I knew it wasn't healthy to have ZERO work-life balance, I felt like my kids' future was 100% my responsibility.



1. ENDLESS HOURS...BUT I am making a difference in so many lives!

2. LOW PAY...BUT I have joy and great satisfaction from teaching! Most people hate their jobs!

3. NO RESPECT...BUT I am a damn good teacher, my kids are catching up to grade level + love me! 

I always found a way to outweigh the cons:


time for change:


I began to look at my cons again: I was trying to do it all, literally. I would triage school, do side jobs to increase take-home pay, take on leadership roles at school and in the district, support new teachers, *had zero social life*, and was eating protein shakes for dinner because at the end of the day I was so exhausted, it was cheaper, and there was no prep or clean-up.


it was a long time coming:

My father Mark Susnow, an executive life-coach and lawyer, was my biggest cheerleader. When we unexpectedly passed away, the wake-up call got louder. Without him cheering me on, it was hard to carry on. It was time to re-evaluate and take a leap.

My dad (pictured right, photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine), had done it himself. Leave a wildly successful law practice to start over in a more fulfilling and sustainable way. His work was designed to guide others through the uncertainties of life. He followed his joy ever second of the day.


Leaving teaching was a heartbreaking decision, but I know it was the right one, and that he would have been cheering me on loudest of all, "Go Savo, Go!".


I got SAVVY!

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