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Professional Organizing in Santa Cruz, CA + Bay Area

Clear the mess + reduce stress. Professional Organizing 
to let go of physical and mental clutter.

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Professional Organization Anchor

People are saying...

"I loved working with Savvy Solutions! My laundry room and laundry in general used to be a headache. Now, I am actually excited to do a load of laundry.  

Sav helped me to implement a system that makes laundry piles disappear, redesigned the space to get me more storage, and declutter. Thank you!" - Krista H.

Wooden Book Shelves

(S) Mini-Miracle

Ideal for tackling small areas like closets, files, + pantries.

2 Sessions | 549

(6 Hrs. Organizing)

Modern Room

(M) Stress Reducer

Ideal for garages, kitchens, or smaller-room flips.

6 Sessions | 1566 (5% Off)

(18 Hrs. Organizing)

Clean Kitchen

(L) Ultimate Joy

Ideal for move-ins, multiple rooms, + renovations.


12 Sessions | 2952 (10% Off)

(36 Hrs. Organizing) 

Image by Samantha Gades


1 Session/Month

6 Months | 1399 (15% Off)

*Existing Clients Only

Home Decor


Action Plan w/Links 

2 Hours In-Home | 200

Great for DIY Clients!

Online Consultation

Virtual Coaching

5 x 1 Hr. Sessions

Virtual | 500

*Phone or Video

Copy of The Extras - Savvy Solutions_edited.png
  • 15 Minute Free Phone Consult

  • 100% Confidentiality

  • One Trunk-Load Donation Haul/Session

  • Choice of Labels

  • Travel Time within Bay Area*

  • Custom Closet-Design at The Container Store or IKEA Closets

  • 15% Off The Container Store

  • One Trunk-Load Cardboard Haul/Session

  • In-Person Shopping at ½ Rate *Deducted from Remaining Sessions

  • Online Shopping Lists with Links

  • Sensitive Document Disposal

  • Online Sale Item Management *FBM Listing Created During Session

  • Responsible Recycling for Batteries + Regular Lightbulbs


*Travel Time: Any location beyond 30 minutes from the city of Santa

Cruz will require back-to-back sessions (2 sessions in 1 day) or will prorate travel time. 


Wish something was included that isn't? Send us an email!

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