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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's a session? 

Answer: A session is a three-hour block of time when your organizer is decluttering, organizing, and optimizing your space.


For packages, this is the time they are physically in your home, all the extras do not count towards that time. For à la carte clients, any extras are billed at the per hour rate. 

Q: What's a Professional Organizer? 

Answer: A Professional Organizer (Pro Organizer or PO) is a professional that excels in everything organization. Note not all Professional Organizers are created equal. When hiring, make sure your PO will meet your needs and has experience.


A PO is NOT a personal assistant. 

Q: Do you shop for your client? 


Answer: Yes, online shopping and shopping lists are included in the all-inclusive package pricing (and that time does not count towards your session time). If you need or want in-person shopping/and associated returns, that time is pulled from session time. If you are an à la carte client, this time is billed at the same hourly rate. 

Q: Why should I hire a Professional Organizer? 

Answer: If you need help, are stressed, or embarrassed by your space, a Pro Organizer can support you to learn how to optimize your space and keep it organized. Most POs allow you to work with them, so you can learn the skill-sets needed for your space to live stress-free.

Q: Do you offer discounts? 

Answer: Yes! Packages are discounted by the number of sessions. The more sessions, the greater the discount. Additionally, clients can refer our services and give + get a referral credit for new packages.

Q: What's the best way to become more productive? 

Answer: Working with a professional that can help you to develop systems to meet your needs. Meeting weekly can be the best way to make lasting change.  

Q: Can you help organize my finances? I have debt!


Answer: Yes! Debt is unfortunately quite common in the US and throughout the world. Using basic financial literacy, Savvy Solutions can support you in your debt-free journey and/or create a pathway to your financial goal, like saving for a downpayment for a house. 

Q: I don't have time to get organized. What do you recommend? 

Answer: Savvy Solutions offers both in-person and virtual services. For in-person clients, you can choose to work side-by-side with Sav, or an assistant organizer, or have Savvy Solutions realize your organizing dreams. Don't have the ideas? Not to worry, we will develop and implement systems to get your home, business, or rental functioning as efficiently as possible. 

Q: Can you help keep my space organized? 

Answer: Yes, we offer existing clients a reduced rate maintenance option. Once we've organized your space, we can come back each month to edit and revise systems, + help to reduce stress. 

Q: What package should I get? 

Answer: We will give you an estimate for which package to purchase. The larger the package, the greater the discount. Afraid you won't use them all? No worries, you can gift a session or save it for later. Worried you won't get enough? Also not a problem, we can add on more sessions at the same discounted rate as needed.

Q: I found you on TikTok and I want to become a Professional Organizer. How did you get started and do you offer coaching or mentorship? 

Answer: Yay! There can never be enough POs in the world. You can learn more about my journey here. Yes, I offer mentorship and coaching to get you and your business up and running. You can find pricing here.

Q: Where do you service? How do you charge for travel time? 

Answer: Savvy Solutions is based out of Santa Cruz, CA and serves the Bay Area (San Francisco, Marin, + East Bay). Travel time is included for All-Inclusive Packages (2 back-to-back sessions are required for clients outside of Santa Cruz). For à la carte clients, travel time is billed if it exceeds 30 minutes one way. 

Virtual services are offered through FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Zoom and are scheduled in one hour increments. 

Live outside of the Bay Area, CA? Send us an email :) 

Q: I want to get organized, but I just need the ideas. 

Answer: DIYing your space is a great option if you have the time and desire. We offer a Consult to game plan your space and provide a linked action plan to help you get there. You can find it here

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