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5 Pantry Organizing Must-Haves to Get Organized

Y'all (I'm trying shift away from "guys!"), do not sit on pantry organizing. Yes, it sounds boring, but when your pantry is organized, so is your life. Having an organized pantry means food prep is quicker, everyone knows where items go (because it is obvious), kids can get their own snacks, and food is no longer wasted.

Might I add on that not all pantries are created equal, so it by no means is about having matching this and that in the walk-in pantry, it's about making the most of the space you have. In my field, that means optimizing space using organizing and organizing products to make the space hyper-functional, yes, hyper. I've found that it is the way to get things organized and stay organized because it ensures that everyone participates and explicitly knows what goes where, taking the pressure off of one single person.

I recently teamed with The Kitchn and writer, Ashley Abramson to give you my top kitchen picks to optimize your space and your day to day experience in the kitchen. While I can't tell you them all (you'll have to wait until she publishes *link will be updated), here are my top five for the pantry specifically. **Peek the organizers in the video below by yours truly.

1. Most Versatile by mDesign: Use it in your pantry, laundry room, under the sink, or in your medicine cabinet...but make sure to get the 16" deep ones. These are great to take advantage of the entire cabinet space (including areas that normally become wasted or the home for the lost cup). They come in various widths, they are super sturdy, stackable, and has a cutout for easy handling. I recommend tone for each snack item, making packed lunches a breeze.

2. Cooking Basic by Lipper International: If you cook, you need a Lazy Susan for your countertop. Yep, the countertop! I always opt for this acacia wood swivel table because it adds some natural wood and is great for storing cooking oils next to the stove. These also look amazing in the corners of pantries.

3. Food Storage (But Cute) by Emica: In pantries I love to splurge on the matching glass jars. There are thousands to choose from, but if your aesthetic is mostly white (like a pantry), opting for a wood top is a splash of fun. Note the tops are also made from acacia and will match your acacia Lazy Susan perfectly. These are so cute they could live on the countertop, but ideally they'd be front and center in the pantry or pantry-cabinet. These specific jars have an easy to grab lid handle which is especially great for kids and those with less dexterity.

4. Space Saver by mDesign: Lazy Susans, spin tables, whatever you want to call them, are the simplest way to increase your usable space. I use these metal ones for the fridge, which adds to the white aesthetic and feels clean. I recommend using one for snacks and dips, and another for condiments or yogurts. It's one way to make food prep not only healthy but beautiful.

5. Drawer Organizers by Kootek: The secret about drawer organizers is three-fold: First, use museum gel to keep them in place, and second, opt for straight edges, and third, keep them matching. If you aesthetic is wood, use the same type of wood throughout. I personally enjoy these clear modular ones because I love to update spaces on a frequent basis. I appreciate that I can change the design, I can use them across spaces, and they come in various sizes.


-Sav, Professional Organizer + Productivity Coach

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