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Podcast S1 E5 Organized Sav Organizing Pets with Krista

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

[00:00] Sav: Today we're starting off with a question. Krista: Alright. Sav: Tell me your dog is spoiled without telling me your dog is spoiled. Krista: She gets to pick where in bed she sleeps first, and then I work around it. Sav: Hey, this is Sav, a professional organizer based in the Bay Area. Your host. Krista: I'm Krista Henmen. Sav: Today's show, you guessed all around our furry best friends dogs. I have three parts for you. Part one, too many toys. Part two, bedtime snuggles, and part three, paw prints. On paw prints. On paw prints. Krista: I feel like this was catered for me. Sav: It 100% was. Krista, can you give the one or two sentence version of how we met? Krista: Yes. I had a boxer puppy at the beach and this crazy lady came running up to me and said, oh, my God, a boxer. Do you want to do play dates? And I literally moved to Santa Cruz eight weeks prior. And I was like, oh, this is what everyone talks about when they describe Santa Cruz. Sav: Wait, what do they say when they describe Santa Cruz? Krista: That everyone's a weirdo, Sav: Harsh. Well, we're clearly well versed and obsessed with our dogs. My dog is also a boxer. She's three turning four. In May, we're going to throw a fourth birthday rave in our backyard. And Krista's dog is her absolute best friend. And my goddaughter, Genesis. And if you're lucky, you might get a picture in the show notes. Krista: Well, Avo’s my goddaughter. Sav: Yes, it's mutual. On to part one, too many toys. [01:40] Part One: Too Many Toys Sav: So we're going to go back to that first post, which was, Tell me your dog is spoiled without telling me your dog is spoiled. Top Responses:

Sav: Krista, how many dog toys do you have? Krista: My God. So Genesis has a crate that allegedly the dog is supposed to use, but at this point, it's just a toy chest. It's just filled with dog toys. This morning, alone, I pulled four tennis balls from under my couch. Sav: I know that's definitely my pile up zone, where things will just, they will get lost. Krista: You gotta get down on the ground, get on your knees. Sav: Got to go around the room. Sometimes it's so far back to reach. Like the chase section. Krista: No, Genesis lets me know that they're still back there. Like, not that one, mom, that wasn't the one I wanted, keep going. Sav: Can she smell them? Krista: Yeah. And she directs me to where they are. Sav: Wow. Like, even weeks later or jus the last week? Krista: I don't know how long they've been under there. Sav: I have a client that has a section in their dresser that had dog balls that are the new ones. And the dog knew even though they're brand new. Krista: That's impressive. Those balls stink, though. Brand new tennis ball stinks. Sav: Yeah, well, I have since moved them, so the dog is going to have to smell it out. My golden rule with toys because I think that's an area that a lot of my clients struggle with of just having too many, and most dog parents struggle with it just like clothes or just like anything else in my house. A new dog toy comes in. A dog toy goes out, especially around the holidays, because I do enjoy gifting my dog a new dog toy. But first I go into the bin and see what I can pull out, and that determines if we're going to get one new dog toy, or maybe we'll get two. Krista: Then you really shouldn't pull through Genesis dog crate because there's like half eaten stuffing coming out the back. What if she wants that one again, so I leave it. Sav: I think that's dangerous. Okay, so that's my other parameter. If it's absolutely disgusting because the girls go in the backyard and throw it around dirt, which is not the case for everyone, fortunately. But I don't want that stuff in the house that gets super yucky. So if it's, like, absolutely disgusting and I've already tried washing it, it's gone. If it's something that is coming apart, I kind of feel like it's too dangerous and that I don't want her to eat the stuffing by accident because it will always get caught in her mouth. Krista: Genesis doesn't eat the stuffing, but she definitely pulls it out. And then when she finds the squeaker, she's really happy. But then I have to throw the squeaker away because obviously that's a choking hazard. Sav: So I think it's safe to say that just like dogs, less is more. And same thing with kids. Like, kids will play and so will dogs. They will play with anything. Krista: Well, I think what you and I talked about recently is getting rid of the dog crate and moving it more to bins or baskets sort of stacked up against one wall to free up all that space. I'm not using the crate clearly. Sav: Clearly. Krista: She doesn't need a toy chest that long. Yeah, she just doesn't need a toy chest. So there's definitely a chance to get creative and clear up some space. Sav: My favorite thing is that the two designated spots for AVO are at avoid heights, so if she wants a toy, she can take it out of the basket by herself. Where I did not get in the dog train was having her put it back. Sav: Oh, there's something for you to work on. Sav: Yeah, definitely. That would be really cool. People have done it. I've seen it. Krista: Oh, I'm sure. Yeah. Sav: Okay, next time Genesis is over, we'll start working on it. Yeah. She's so smart. Okay, next. Right in. I have way too many dog toys and my dog maybe plays with like 4 or 5 of them... They're cluttering up my floor, and she literally does not play with them. I have a bunch of cheap squeaker toys and a couple Kong squeaky toys that are chewed up but not ruined, things she outgrew, and I may have indulged in too much when buying for my dog. Also, a shit ton of puppy pads that I have never used since she was a puppy and probably, I don't know, a thousand. What do you think? Advice. Krista: She has to donate all that stuff to the shelter. Sav: Agreed. And that would be great if you're local. The SPCA in Santa Cruz takes donations. If you're not local, call up your SPCA. Krista: Yeah, and you can literally leave it right outside. You don't even have to anyone if you don't want to. Sav: The one in Santa Cruz, they have a blue bin right outside the door. It makes it so easy. A little homework assignment would be to KonMari. Your choice. Do you know Marie Kondo? Krista: No. Sav: Okay, so Marie Condo is this very famous professional organizer. Originally from Japan. She now has two shows on Netflix, and it's all about the idea “Does it spark joy?” Krista: Oh okay. Brandon has asked me questions about stuff like that in my house. Sav: So that's like the infamous “Does it spark joy?”, which is great. And I think about that when I'm choosing what toys go for Avo and what ones stay. And again, it's like, are they so long gone that there’s no - Krista: There's no joy left? Sav: Yes. Or, like, does she actually play with it? And realistically, she'd rather just play with a random stick. I mean, if Genesis has it, she would want to play with that the most. [12:18] Part three. Paw prints on Paw Prints on Paw Prints Sav: [reads] HELP: Dirty paw prints EVERYWHERE from my apartment’s pavement - tips for keeping clean? I know dogs are naturally messy, but I just got my puppy a week ago and already my house is covered in black paw prints. I never had this issue in other places that I've lived where it's mostly dirt and some grass to walk on. I'm thinking about giving her a bath to reset and wiping her paws after every single walk to maintain some cleanliness. Does anyone else experience this?” Krista: No. Sav: Well, you did just get paw, things to wipe her paws, though. Krista: Right? But that's because she was having allergies, and so was I. Sav: But it's also a cleanliness thing. Like, I have one client and they also just got wipes, too. And for them, I think it's mainly just cleanliness because they're a shoes off household. Krista: Well, after we were here last night, I was too tired. I know. Genesis was exhausted. We definitely had like a six white bath in the kitchen before she could go upstairs. We did wash her paws. Sav: I have a “Am I the asshole?” Krista: All right! Sav: [reads] WIBTA if I told my friends I don't want to dogsit for them anymore because their house is a pigsty? I've been friends with this couple for about seven years and have dogs sat for their two dogs on occasion. It is always stressful. Besides the fact that their dogs are not well trained, their house is a complete pig sty clutter over every dining and sitting surface, dishes and cups left out on counters, old stains on the carpet from where their dog may have gone to the bathroom, dog poop covering every square inch in the backyard. The thing is, they're very well off. They go on vacations to Europe, have several boats, et cetera, so it's not a matter of that. They also are aware that they're messy. If the only dull woman have immaculate homes, sign hanging in their living room is anything to go by, but they're also very nice and pay me well. I just can't put up with the mess in their house anymore. I hate staying there, let alone for several weeks. I think I owe it to them to tell them I can't dogsit for them anymore. Would I be the asshole for telling them it's because their house is so disgusting?” Krista: Well, I wouldn't phrase it like that. Sav: How would you phrase it? Krista: I would say you're not available to dogsit anymore. I wouldn't tell them I think your house is gross and your dogs are a bunch of assholes. Sav: I value truth, though. Wouldn't it be better? Because then they could have an opportunity to change. Krista: She's known them for seven years. Sav: True. Krista: They're not going to change and they can afford either to board the dogs or take the dogs with them on the boat or get a cleaner in on a weekly basis or at least before she comes over. Sav: Yes. There we go. See, that would be worthwhile telling the truth then. Krista: I don't think so. It sounds so miserable. And if it stresses you out and you're not happy doing it, Then the answer should always be no. Sav: I know it's clearly extremely a no go. Would they be the asshole to tell them that they can't dog sit? No. But I think if they were to make another excuse, they wouldn't be the asshole but I just wouldn't like that. Krista: I would just say no. And if you keep saying no, they'll stop asking. Sav: Now thinking about the dog sitters we've had because we share them. I am always trying to entice them. I'm like, I have great snacks, I have a hot tub like you can even have your boyfriend over. Krista: I know, I try to offer the peloton. Blair did have a profile on the peloton. Sav: Nah, that’s hysterical. Krista: But yeah, I say I have internet. I'm not good on the snacks, but I think what they like about our place is that it's quiet. They have six or seven roommates. Sav: So quiet. Yeah. Shout out to all the College students that make great dog sitters. Krista: We love you. Sav: We do. Krista: We need more of you. Sav: We’ll take your number. Krista: Slide into our DMs and let us know. Sav: There'll be a sign up page. [16:22 Music] Sav: Any last thoughts on being a dog mom? Krista: I love being a dog mom. My Genesis was my new beginning and she's my whole life and my whole heart and I don't know where I'd be without her. I certainly wouldn't be sitting in Sav’s studio right now if it weren't for Genesis. Sav: Yeah, Genesis is pretty darn cute. So Genesis is Brindle, which is can you describe it? Krista: Some people say it's like Tiger stripes, but she's dark colored Brindle Sav: And then Avo is fawn. So that's like, I guess more the classic auburny. Would you say? Like auburny with white? So she has some white on all of her paws down the center of her face. Krista: She's definitely more of the classic look. Yeah. Sav: So if you're considering getting a dog, get a Boxer. Krista: For sure. Great family pets. Sav: And if you're considering getting a cat, don't. No. Just get a dog. Krista: Amen.

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