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7 Ways to Organize Your House Before the New Year

Hello Friends! It is that time of year, almost. The NEW YEAR :) That time where we get to start fresh. So in this new year, let's start off strong and ensure that we won't abandon our New Year's Resolutions before the month even ends. So what does that mean? Start the practice NOW, start organizing today, before the year is over. Build the neurological pathway so it "fires and wires" together.

Here's your practical guide, seven actionable steps that you can take today to get your life more organized. Our focus, the easy wins, those easy items that you can get organized which in turn will support you to stay consistent and continue to get more and more organized each day.

  1. Start with your spice drawer, yep, your spices. Although this might seem like it has a little impact, it is an easy win. Something that you can do objectively. Here's your guidelines: If it is expired, it gets tossed. Period. Make sure to wipe out your drawer

or cabinet, wherever your spices are.

2. Next up, your medicine cabinet. Yep, another easy one. Your rules are the same, if it is expired, it gets tossed. If you feel inclined, do a second pass, this time focussing items that you no longer need. Yes, you officially have permission to let it go! Medication that is expired should not be used, it's simply not safe. You can safely dispose of the unused medication at most pharmacies, then recycle the container.

3. The junk drawer: I'd like to take a different approach here because this one can be overwhelming for some folks. We are avoiding the overwhelm by making it manageable. Set a timer for five minutes and pull out trash items, items that have a home (go put those away after the timer is over) and straighten up the drawer. No organizers needed, you simply get to straighten up the drawer for FIVE minutes.

4. My fave, the bathroom vanity. This is a sure win, all of those products that you don't actually use...YES, we ALL have them. Those get to go! Make space for what you use on a daily and weekly basis. Wipe down the surfaces and reset that vanity.

5. It's time for some clothes. I am by no means suggesting you take on the whole closet. Instead, I want you to go through your clothes and pull out FIVE items to let go. These can be items with permanent stains, holes, things that itch you or just don't fit right, or styles that no longer represent you. Have fun!

6. The condiments. This is a category that can get out of control, so simply go through all of those dressings and other condiments and check the expiration dates. If it is expired, you goes!

7. Next up, it's time for the freezer. The simply rule you can use is to toss any items that has ripped packaging. The waffles that freezer burn, toss. The opened half eaten lunch, toss. The expired cheese balls, good-bye!

Clear on your homework assignment? Great, it's time to get started. Take on one task a day. This is one week's worth of tasks to get you going in your organizing journey. Remember, that practicing organizing is how you become organized. You got this!

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