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Creating a Green Wall on a Budget

Who said you can't have a green plant wall, even as a renter?! Y'all, this is the best option and does NOT leave permanent damage. Not sure you want to have plant babies propagating, or beautiful cut flowers, as a art installation in your ________ (kitchen, office, hallways, or bathrooms)? Read and watch on, my friend, it won't be hard to convince you otherwise.

Side note, before you get the details, this will make the PERFECT Mother's Day gift. Yes, this year I will be gifting two sets (4 in a set) to my mom and my soon to be mother-in-law. And if you don't have a green thumb, no just need to cut and place in water.

Here's how:

  1. Use the included holders and hammer into your preferred place. I got two sets, so made what I think is a fun design that is balanced (3 - 2 - 3) which is centered above my kitchen table and I adore it!

  2. Add water to each planter and hang on wall

  3. Search around your house, neighborhood, or wherever you find plants to gather the quantity needed. I've done mix and match like above, as well as all the same. Both look amazing, but word to the wise, don't opt for rosemary (it will leave droppings and has been the only plant to get messy). When taking clippings, make sure to cut just under the node.

  4. Change out the water and plant when ample roots have established. You can now plant your new babies! Added bonus, you can keep or gift these to share the love.

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