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How to Get + Stay Organized

Getting organized will help you in so many aspects of your life. It will help you feel more confident and in control, and it will make your social and professional lives easier. Organized people are less stressed because they know where everything is and how to find it, get in less fights with their spouses or those they live with, and have time for the things that are important.

There is more time in the day, which means you can be more productive with your work time and stay relaxed in your free time, it means that you have choices. Getting organized does not mean making a to do list and checking it off one by one, it means making a commitment to getting organized and adapting your behavior to avoid the clutter making its way back into your life.

Getting organized is of the easier of tasks because you can easily hire help and have someone do this for you. This is the majority of the calls I get, folks that are too overwhelmed to even start. I come into their homes and do a massive overhaul. While other clients, once I've organized their entire home, ask me to come back each month as maintenance. Many Professional Organizers offer both of these services, and some may even offer light cleaning (that one is less common).

The best way to get organized is to identify your pain points. For my husband, prior to meeting me, he would say that would be paperwork. He despised paperwork, which meant that he had papers everywhere. To remedy this, I created a system to tackle and avoid this pitfall. This is the beauty of organization, if the system you create is implemented correctly, you can get and stay organized. When getting organized, the most important question you can ask is: What is my pain point? What isn't working in this space? What is the most aggravating thing about ___?

Want support in developing a system? Reach out on social media and see organizing at work!

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