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Is An Online Course On How To Get Organized Worth It?

So, do you spend the money to hire an organizer to transform your home or learn how to do it yourself. DIY organization anyone? Let's do some calculations. I'll give two scenarios:

  1. You are a busy family with full time jobs. You comfortable with your finances but constantly wasting time looking for things or worse, fighting over the building doom of "stuff" that is getting out of control. You live in a 2+ bedroom home and don't know where to start. YES, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER and be ready to pay the premium. You can expect to spend a few thousand dollars in labor alone. Depending on your budget, you can spend another $500 - $1000 on the product if you are desiring organization "styling".

  2. Alternatively, you do not work a full time job, or a friend or family member will help you...TAKE THE COURSE! If you find an organizer that you like, take their course. You will learn WHAT you need to do, HOW, and most importantly, the WHY. Even better, you pay a small fraction of the price (a one time fee) for years of organization. You saved the money on the labor, now you can spend what you want on the product (if you plan to purchase product, which is not essential to getting organized).

In Scenario 1, you spend close to $5000 and you get your whole house organized, and you may not even lift a finger (if you don't care to work with them) VS. Scenario 2, you spend tops $500 for a course and you get your whole house organized. Hiring the organizer is 10x more expensive than taking the course and the end result is the same.

But where are you getting the high cost to hire the Pro Organizer? Most organizers work by package or hourly (then tack on other fees). Although fees vary greatly by region, if you live in a city or close to a more urban area, these are standard rates. Note, although they may seem high, peace of mind, having a project completely done, getting rid of the clutter, and styling, are totally worth it. The question I am asking is if you want to do it yourself or hire out.

There are so many courses out there, here's mine: Stressed Mess to Clutter-Free Happiness: How To Get + Stay Organized Like a Pro . Have fun getting organized!

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