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Pros and Cons to Drawer Organizers - What is Best?

The biggest drawer organizer I encounter when doing consults with clients are drawer organizers that are too small for the drawer. As in, they bought a generic organizer at the store and it slides all throughout the drawer. It's too short and too narrow for the drawer.

Second pet-peeve about drawer organizers is that they don't match! In the ideal world, they'd be the same throughout a given space (like a kitchen). If that's not an option, please please please, at least use the same kind in any given drawer.

Here are the best ones, in my humble opinion:

Drawer Organizers by Kootek: The secret about drawer organizers is three-fold: First, use museum gel to keep them in place, and second, opt for straight edges, and third, keep them matching. If your aesthetic is wood, use the same type of wood throughout. I personally enjoy these clear modular ones because I love to update spaces on a frequent basis. I appreciate that I can change the design, I can use them across spaces, and they come in various sizes. I've used them in kitchens, bedroom side tables, bathrooms, art spaces, and even classrooms.

If you need to organize large items, like spatulas and colanders, opt for some Drawer Dividers by Duware: I adore drawer dividers for keeping the basics organized. They are great for napkins and kitchen towels, large cooking utensils, and can even transform a junk utility drawer. These are bamboo (like many drawer organizers) but you can find all sorts of different finishes to match. Bonus tip, you can also use drawer dividers in your clothing dresser! These are great because you can extend them to the appropriate length. Most, not all, are adjustable in length.

Have fun organizing, beautiful people! - Sav, Professional Organizer + Productivity Coach

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