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The Complete Guide to Getting Rid of Clutter

Here's the thing, we all have it, and we are all negatively impacted by the clutter that surrounds us. So here's the most objective guide that will give you permission to LET IT GO.

Yep, let's get started, and let's have fun:

  1. Clothes that are ripped (not intentionally), that have stains, that haven't fit you for more than two years, that have missing buttons that you haven't fixed in over a year, or clothes that no longer make you feel great or represent present-day you = DONATE

  2. A gift your friend or family member gave you that you haven't used in a year = DONATE

  3. The extra nine notebooks you've had for a decade that you still haven't used = DONATE

  4. The chachkies (you know the little random things you have from travels or were gifted) that do not have a home (a place where they are actually displayed) = DONATE

  5. Pet toys that are disgusting, in rags, or are dangerous for your pet = TOSS

  6. The pile of extra reusable or paper bags that you say you're going to use but instead are on the garage floor and now you're tripping over them = RECYCLE

  7. The pile of extra bedding that doesn't fit in the linen closet = DONATE

  8. Spatulas, yep, I said it. If you are a chef, this might not apply. But for most folks, having 20 is too many. Take stock of how many spatulas and stirring/wooden spoons you have and choose your favorites. Personally, I have three spatulas + three wooden spoons = DONATE

  9. Makeup! My fave to review because guess what, it expires! On each container there is a small number, sometimes 6M or 12M which represents how long it last from opening it in months. So if you've have something for years, it's probably expired = TOSS

  10. Medication, another fave because the same rule applies. Go through item by item and let go of the expired medication. You can do this responsibly at a pharmacy = TOSS

Want more easy wins? These are my favorites, it's like finding the cookie dough in a pint of ice cream. It's just so good and so easy to win. Use these as your hard and true rules, no ifs ands or buts, if it falls under the above category, it's time to say goodbye and make space for YOU!

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