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What Does A Professional Organizer Actually Do?

The Professional Organization industry has exploded in recent years, and although the field of Professional Organization is not new, the concept of hiring a Professional Organizer is quite new.

So if you're thinking about hiring a Professional Organizer or you want to become one, you might be asking yourself: What Does a Professional Organizer Actually Do?

Although the list of what a Professional Organizer (PO) can do is quite long, here are some general services:

Essentially...Professional Organizers and Productivity Consultants help people create systems that are easy to maintain that are functional, clutter-free, and meet the client's space needs. As a result, clients feel a significant decrease in stress and get their time back.

What they don't do: Clean a space like a house cleaner. They may wipe down shelves as they go, but you should really do this whenever possible.

POs have empathy for their clients and coach them to let things go that no longer serve them. In Marie Kondos' words, "what doesn't spark joy". Most POs will either work solo, in a team, or with you to complete the project. Do you need something specific or have a unique project? I'm confident that your PO will be able to do it, or refer you to someone who can.

A Professional Organizer "holds client's hands" to tackle what feels too daunting, transforms room (as in a mini renovation), create space, and provides and/or executes a vision.

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