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Why Am I So Disorganized?!

Do you constantly waste time looking for things? Get easily frustrated? Are you late to everything? Disorganization impacts way too many people. It's part of the American Dream to achieve, to push ourselves, to keep up with the Johnson's, and accumulate "stuff" as a status symbol. When "stuff" doesn't have a home, it is clutter and leads to disorganization.

To be entirely honest, when I am feeling overwhelmed and too busy, clutter creeps in. Yep, and I have organized my home a thousand times. Well here's the thing, I don't live alone, I have family and work responsibilities, I have personal goals, and I also have "stuff". To combat this, I build easy systems into my day to day life. I have easy routines that make it so I don't have to remember to do something, it's either on my calendar or it is a standard part of my weekly routine. But, when that clutter creeps in, I have a rule to LET IT GO. It's like the overwhelms won't go away and the quickest way for it to dissipate is to get rid of the problem.

Can anyone else relate? Americans are notorious for accumulating things they don't need, don't use, and sometimes didn't even want to begin with. So my rule is when the pile is building, it has to go. Everything of importance has a home, so if it's not in it's home, it is not important, so it must go. This is my personal rule of thumb for letting go. What's yours?

Rules of Thumb for Letting Go:

- Is it expired? (makeup, food, medication)

- Does it fit? (clothes, accessories)

- Have I used it in the past year? (everything)

- Does it have a home? If not, can I give it one? (everything)

- If I had to buy this again, right now, would I? (everything)

Give it a try! All you need is one rule of thumb that fits your lifestyle, then use it everyday! If you're disorganized, know that you don't have to be with a few adjustments to your daily and weekly routine and a rule of thumb that you actually follow.

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